Priceless Photoshopped Images That Are Almost Illegal To Be On The Internet!

A Two-in-One Deal

Deodorants promise to deliver several things, starting with helping you to stink less. It’s not every day that you will come across a two-in-one type of deal where one of these fragrances also removes your armpits. We doubt that such a product exists, but this picture suggests so.

Deodorants might have provided a solution to dealing with foul body odor, but perhaps they have also robbed humans of one of their natural defense systems. Louis Leakey, the famous anthropologist, theorized that early man was never a part of the food chain because the pungent smells he produced kept predators at bay.


A Literal Crime

Well, we’d say that folks who over-edit their photos to the point that they are barely recognizable belong in some type of jail. This lady here already has the experience, judging from the mugshot. As if her time behind bars wasn’t enough, she had to edit her mugshot, perhaps for social media bragging rights.

Speaking of prisons, the concept has existed since the third millennia BC. Since then, just about every ancient civilization has detained people or entirely stripped them of their freedoms within society. However, in those earlier days, the stay in prison was a temporary stopgap before a person was sentenced to slavery, or worse still, death.


Too Photoshopped To Be Real?

Some people should have never discovered anything to do with Photoshop. Take a look at this pair. It’s as though they were hell-bent on punishing anyone looking at their over-edited image. The lady made alterations to her body or reflection because they sure do not match. 

A few may say that perhaps the guy put his head on a different body, hoping to look more fabulous than he is in real life. Arguably, there is no better photo editing tool than Photoshop, thanks to the features and flexibility it offers. Research shows that most women use photo editing software to appear slimmer in photos.

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